Doing Nothing together

Hello! I am your host here at Doing Nothing Together, and at each of the Doing Nothing Together experiences offered through this website, Hey There Kapplow. I am an artist and language worker based on the east coast of the USA, and working internationally.

Doing Nothing Together grew out of an art project of the same name which began with a performance at the Meetings Festival in Western Denmark in 2019. The first image on the homepage of Doing Nothing Together is from this festival.

In 2020, as the Corona virus pandemic brought many of our usual daily routines to a halt, I began to lean into and explore the value of pausing with other people (usually in outdoor public spaces, but sometimes remotely by telephone) for regaining a sense of 'being' and 'being a part of' that wasn't reliant on 'doing.'

By 2023 I had Done Nothing Together with over 50 people 1:1 and with over 100 people in small groups, some of whom have offered up testimonials about their experiences that you can read here. I did some simple user experience research with this community to understand what people were valuing most about these experiences. The offerings here have arisen out of what I learned.

Please see FAQs for more information about how Doing Nothing Together works.